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Embarking on the journey to finance a luxury property or considering refinancing your high-value home? At Milend, we specialize in tailored jumbo loans, designed to make your large property purchase or refinancing process as seamless and successful as possible. Whether you’re dreaming big or looking to refinance your existing high-value property, we’re here to ensure your financing is as simple as your dreams are big.

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  • Loan Amounts up to $4M (Higher amounts available case-by-case)
  • I/O available with a 650+ FICO
  • Cash out available with no max cash in hand depending on LTV
  • Foreign National
  • Qualify with all programs
  • No reserve requirements  75% LTV, cash out proceeds can be used for reserves
  • Can use transferred appraisals

Click the Milend Award links below to visit the award-giver’s official site.

Why Milend for Your Jumbo Loan?

At Milend, we’re committed to finding you the best jumbo loan that aligns with your individual needs and financial goals. Let’s work together to explore personalized financing options that meet the standards of your aspirations for your next home or renovation.

Personalized Service

We take pride in the quality experience and step-by-step support our mortgage professionals provide during your financing journey, from start to finish. Experience the difference of working with a mortgage consultant who takes the time to get to know your situation, finds options that best fit your goals and financial picture, and works with your jumbo financing needs.

Competitive Rates

Our loan experts work tirelessly to get you the best rate on the perfect jumbo loan. Experience the difference of working with a mortgage consultant who takes the time to get to know your situation, finds options that best fit your goals and financial picture, and works with your upscale financing aspirations.

Expert Guidance

Our loan experts have a deep understanding of financing for high-value properties and work tirelessly to get you the best rate, walk you through the jumbo loan process, and make the mortgage process seamless and stress-free. Take advantage of our expert mortgage guidance at each and every step in your financing journey for your high-value property.

Your dream property deserves the right financing.

Call for a Personalized Consultation

Jumbo Loan Process with Milend

  • It can take as little as 15 minutes over the phone for your Mortgage Consultant to get to know your situation, your goals, and your credit history. From there, they’ll go over your best loan options with the best savings for your needs.

  • In your personal consultation, your loan officer will draw upon years of mortgage experience and collaboration with other loan experts to put together the best loan options for you based on your unique needs and financial goals.

  • Get an appraisal to determine the current value of the property you want to purchase or refinance. An appraiser is an independent 3rd party who visits your property to take photos and measurements to help determine its value.

  • Gather and submit all the documentation that your loan officer or processor requests to process and close your new loan. These documents include things like W2s, paystubs, and bank statements. All of our processing is done in-house, so you can expect a seamless experience and a guide to walk you through each step to complete your loan paperwork.

  • Finalize and sign your loan application and get ready to close on your new loan. Milend can coordinate an independent closing attorney to come to a convenient location for you and oversee finalizing the paperwork to secure and lock in your best rate!

  • Prior to closing, your underwriter will verify details about your identity, credit history and financial situation, including your income, employment, cash reserves, investments and debts before your loan can be approved and funded.

  • Congratulations! You’ve been approved for your jumbo loan. Enjoy the benefits of your new home or refinance and be sure to leave your loan officer a review – or refer a friend in need of quality mortgage guidance and support they can trust.

Customer Experiences

jay D bogan
jay D bogan
T Taylor has been straight forward and honest from day one and the far best quickest process I’ve been thru as long you have everything for them they are going to move quick and got back a lot more then we started off with.
Derek Staley
Derek Staley
Joseph Parks is an excellent and professional loan officer for Milend! He is very informative about the refinancing process and he also explained the options that the other companies offered me. Every time that I needed his help, he was there to help me. He returned text messages and all my phone calls. There was never a time where he was not available to help me. I took it upon myself to check with other companies, but Milend was the best deal for me. Once again, I appreciate what Joseph Parks did for me during my refinancing process, and he followed back up with me after the closing. I appreciate his professionalism and the knowledge that he shared with me throughout this process.
Reginald Mc David
Reginald Mc David
I like to take this opportunity to let MiLEND Inc. Know what a great company, and amazing experience that I had with my loan consultant Ms.Mikala Bryant she was awesome walking me through my loan process. Thanks Ms. Bryant keep on helping others.
Denise Jeter
Denise Jeter
Joseph was very helpful, he kept us posted with everything that was going on. He was great!! We would send other clients even family members if help is needed with loans. He don’t stop until the project is completed!!! Thanks so much we appreciate you.
Jenny is very knowledgeable, professional, and very dedicated to her work. Thank you for your assistance throughout the refinance process. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone I know who needs a mortgage refinance. Jenny Ripley make everything so easy. I will always call for my mortgage needs. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you! The whole process was very smooth and quick.
Bernard Hines
Bernard Hines
Friday Mar 24, 10:53 AM For Joseph Park I am leaving my "THANK YOU". I contacted MILEND with a problem with a "live check date" Mr. Park offered to work on my problem and call me back when he solved it. I was not able to call back in time before the day was over. I found out that Mr. Park had managed to resolve and complete my paper work so I wouldn't lose my application. He worked my application even though he had no idea if I was going to complete my àpplication. Thank you again for your dedication. Bernard
Norman Williams
Norman Williams
My wife and I called MiLend for a personal loan. We were extremely fortunate that MiLend Senior Loan Officer, Taylor Barrows assisted us. She is truly Phenomenal! Ms. Barrows improved our cash flow by taking care of $52k of our debt and we were able to obtain $18K - $19K for our remaining debt. She saved us $700 per month and she even assisted us in getting a VA Loan for our home that a previous financial company was unable to accomplish. We LOVE her THANK her so much for assisting us. We are grateful for Ms. Barrows and MiLend. We recommend you contact MiLend today and ask for Ms. Barrows!
James Landrum
James Landrum
I have had an excellent experience with Rhett Mercer of Milend. He explained all aspects of my refi on my house in understandable terms. Thiis made everything so very easy. I would recommend this company and especially Rhett Mercer to anyone looking to refinance your Mortgage. He will tell exactly the best option to take all you have to do is choose. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Maricus Dewberry
Maricus Dewberry
Unbelievable how easy this experience has been. In less then 30 days we were able to close on a cash out refinance. The team that worked with us was outstanding. The communication was 5 stars. This was a great experience to work with professionals that approached their job with patients and knowledge. Thank you Milend for all you have done making this easy.

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