There are plenty of times when it makes sense to refinance a mortgage.

Refinancing is a great way to save money with your mortgage. When you refinance you apply for a new loan that will pay off your existing loan. Your new mortgage will have a new rate and term which will either reduce your monthly payment or shorten the term so that you pay off your mortgage faster.

There are fees to do this that can either be paid out of pocket, included in the new loan, or can be credited to you for doing a slightly higher rate which is also known as a ‘no closing cost’ loan. This is highly controversial because many lenders define “closing costs” differently. So when you are shopping for a lender to trust and do business with, it’s important to remember this if you hear “no closing costs.” Our consultants are trained to determine what your goals are and recommend the best closing cost structure to fit your needs.

When refinancing your mortgage, you can also take cash out from your equity and use it to remodel or upgrade your home or use the money to pay off other debts like credit cards or student loans. This effectively combines all of your bills into one payment. Our loan consultants are experts with showing our customers which bills are most important to consolidate to free as much cash flow as possible.

Explore Our Refinance Options

20-Year Refinance

Payoff your loan faster without having to restart with a 30-Year Mortgage, with monthly payments lower than a 15-Year Refinance.

Cash Out & Debt Consolidation

If interest rates have fallen or more cash is needed to cover life events,
lower your mortgage payment.

Investment Property Refinance

Refinance your investment property today

FHA Refinance

Refinance your FHA loan easier and faster with FHA Streamline.

VA Refinance

VA Refinance

Veterans and active military members can consolidate debt with a low fixed rate.

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Rate & Term Refinance

A very popular refinancing option is one where either the rate or term changes.

Use our mortgage calculator to learn how much you can afford

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